Surface sandblasting
Surface sandblasting

Sandblasting, surface preparation and treatment

The entire surface must be cleaned, freed of burr, polished, derusted, decarburized and deoxidized, so that the surface finishes are efficient, resistant and durable as can be.

The cleaner needs to be chosen according to the residue present, the type of media used, and the type of parts to be cleaned. We will choose acid, alkaline or neutral products, as appropriate.

Our sandblasting, surface preparation and treatment services

Recognized and sought after expertise

Our extensive experience allows us to handle new construction and the maintenance of existing buildings and structures. In all cases, we make sure that the surfaces are meticulously prepared, to prevent or eliminate corrosion.

We have also developed expertise in oil, nuclear, chemical and steel mill sites. In each project, we adapt our procedures to make them compatible with those in effect where we operate, to ensure the health and safety of the personnel, the sustainability of our work, and the protection of the environment.

Our skilled and experienced personnel will guide you in choosing bonding, curing, sealing agents, self-levelling mortars, grout, concrete floor hardeners, protective façade coatings, epoxy coatings, and waterproofing protection.

We also provide you with technical assistance on our whole range of surface cleaning and preparation services, and our concrete protection and repair products. Each proposed solution will be customized according to your project.